What Constitutes a Sport?

June 12, 2008

One of the things that The Chin Music prides itself on is finding unique approaches to covering sports. In addition, we like highlighting unique sports (or things that could possibly be considered sports). This does not include softball, which is not a sport. No, I couldn’t hit Jenny Finch if I had to, but any game where you can be a ‘slapper’ or a ‘dragger’ and just run at the ball, Ichiro style, chop it to the mound and beat it out is NOT a sport.

Our post about ultimate frisbee ruffled a few feathers when we suggested that the only people that typically play are nerds on college campuses. Thanks to Luke Hancock for his guest post clarifying some things with respect to ultimate frisbee.

All of this brings me to the question of what constitutes a sport? Is weight-lifting a sport? What about pitching horseshoes? What about the most absurd “sport” ever… chess boxing ?

I don’t think enough people acknowledge chess boxing for it to be considered a sport, but certainly it’s more challenging than softball, right? Just the other day a young lady introduced me to another obscure ‘sport.’ Now I do not think she’d presume to call it a sport, but it can help photographers get legs like tennis players (or so she claims), and I’m definitely not opposed to that.

 So? What’s the ‘sport’ in question? Walkography! Now, I don’t think there are very many people that are going to be accused of calling it a sport, but it’s certainly something new and interesting. Also, I would definitely recommend it over getting fat and out of shape.

Hopefully, the author of the lens will contribute a post early next week explaining/clarifying some things about walkography. In the meantime, voice your opinion, what constitutes a sport in your opinion? Should the ‘sports’ mentioned in this post be considered sports?