Tiger, and Why I Watch Sports

June 16, 2008

People always ask me who my favorite players are in sports. And I have a few, Tiger Woods is one of them. His performance today, injured knee and all, solidified that in my mind. But the thing is, I really don’t have that many favorite players (aside from guys I played baseball with or against at one point) or teams.

I watch sports because I want to see people defy the logical, I want to see them reach deep down and find something within themselves; I want them to will themselves to accomplish feats and do things they are not supposed to be capable of doing. Tiger did that this weekend. Steve Prefontaine did that alot. Team USA’s 1980 Hockey team did it. Oh, and for the record Rocco Mediate deserves -huge- props for his performance as well.

As a tribute to Tiger’s US Open victory, and athletes who’ve accomplished the impossible, how about a few videos? We’ll start with Tiger!

How often do you see Tiger Woods show this much emotion?

Those of you that don’t understand running, won’t understand why one of the most celebrated races of all time was a 4th place finish by the American, but that 21-year old kid showed the world just how big his heart was.

Here’s one more, and maybe one you wouldn’t expect from me:

My ALL TIME FAVORITE, aside from Prefontaine’s 1972 Munich Olympics, has to be Kirk Gibson’s home run again the A’s in the World Series. Share your favorite sports moments that defy logic, that display courage, heart, and determination.