Squidoo Sports Lens Challenge

Why Squidoo:

Because it is the easiest way to build a webpage. You just pick a few modules that will enable you to feature the content you want, and you can literally build a lens in less than 20 minutes.

Also, I should tell you now. You CAN get paid for your lens. Most lenses don’t make much money, but your lens will display advertisements and you will receive a portion of the ad revenue. You can either a.) donate it to charity or b.) get a check from Squidoo.


I have invited some of the top fannation community members, bloggers, and throwdowners to be apart of the Squidoo Sports Lens Challenge. Design 3 lenses in the sport category by July 31st. What kind of sports-related lens you ask? I have come up with three categories as starting points. You can create all of your lenses in one category, or spread them out any way you choose.


1.)    Inspirational Sports Stories or Personalities – Does Jason McElwain inspire you? What about Kirk Gibson’s walk-off home run? Maybe Tiger Wood’s recent performance at Torrey Pines. Whatever it is make a lens about it!
Example: Child Super Heroes (First Two Are Sports-Related)

2.)    Weird/Non-Mainstream Sports – Do you play sports that aren’t necessarily considered sports by most? Frisbee golf? Chess boxing?
Example: Frisbee/Disc Golf

3.)    Greatest Sports Rivalries – Ohio State vs. Michigan, Yankees vs. Red Sox. Make a lens documenting your favorite sports rivalry.
Example: UCLA vs. USC

 What Do I Win:

At the end of the competition I will purchase the highest three ranked lenses from you for $25 (first place), $15 (second place), and $10 (third place), provided that these lens rank in the top 10,000 lenses (which isn’t very hard to do, and I will provide tips on the The Chin Music Sports Blog along the way). Now, provided that you obtain a top 1,000 lensrank you may choose to hold onto your lenses, that’s fine, I will default to the 4th place lenses and so forth.

Deadline: July 31st. Get Started Now!


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