Amazing Race – Men’s 800m Final

I typically like longer races like the 1500m and the 5000m, but the Men’s 800m Final was one of the best races I have ever watched. The moved Nick Symmonds made was phenomenal, and to see Andrew Wheating kick down the stretch for second was great. That’s not to mention Christian Smith’s full out dive at the finish line for 3rd. If you haven’t watched the race yet do yourself a favor and do so -right- now: Men’s 800m Final – Olympic Trials

The race literally gave me chills, and not just because I appreciate running, the heart required, and the instincts and intelligence required to run the longer distances, but because I’m a Prefontaine fan. Eugene is the Track Town USA. The fans know track, they understand it (most people don’t – not in the same way). Like me, they realized what they were witness. You can’t tell from the first video, but that track was as loud as it was during the Days of “Pre.”

More links:

  • This is -crappy- video quality, but will give you a great indication of just how loud the crowd was –> Check out How Loud the Crowd Is in Eugene
  • Here’s another good article: Weating Sparks Memories of Pre
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