Ultimate Frisbee is a REAL Sport

The following post is a contribution from a guest blogger in an attempt to shed some light and refute someof the common misconceptions surrounding ultimate frisbee. His opinions and ideas do not necessarily reflect those of The Chin Music Staff. Luke Hancock is a 34-year-old ultimate frisbee veteran.He is currently participates in a league in Greensboro, NC and plays every sunday and Tuesday.



What is ultimate frisbee? Is it a simple game of catch with any frisbee?
NO. This is the common misconseption of the average American in regards to Ultimate Frisbee. Everyday I hear “Ultimate frisbee isn’t a sport.” I think that their ignorance is funny.

Check out the History of Ultimate Frisbee 

Do you have to be athletic to play Ultimate frisbee?
Ultimate frisbee is a game of constant sprints and diving catches. Trust me, you have to be fit to play Ultimate. If you can’t run, you can’t play ultimate. It goes like this; when you are on offense, you are constantly sprinting to get open, and when you are on defense you are constantly sprinting to catch up with the guy running away from you.

Are their even strategies in Ultimate Frisbee?
Along with every other major sport, their are strategies in Ultimate Frisbee, including zone offense, zone defense, horizontal offense, and stack offense (vert).

Check out some explanation of Ultimate strategies & terminlogy.

How hard could it be to throw a frisbee?
Well the basic throw (backhand) is fairly simple, but their are A LOT more throws than that. To really compete, you will need to know how to throw a flick, backhand, hammer, scoober, thummer, full-field huck, and push pass.

How is ultimate frisbee a sport, are their even real games?
Of course their are real games. I played on my High school ultimate team for four years, and I am currently in a league in Greensboro NC. Also, their are national championships each year as well as college championships.


Note from the Admin:
In case you missed it in the previous post, the one Luke is responding to, check out his Squidoo Lens on Ultimate Frisbee; it’s one of the most comprehensive and thorough lenses I have seen with respect to -any- sport.


4 Responses to Ultimate Frisbee is a REAL Sport

  1. Bryn Sandusky says:

    Hey. I just moved to Greensboro and want to play in an ultimate league. I have over 15 years of experience, and I’m itching to play. Can you help get me signed up?
    Thanks a lot,

  2. Bryn Sandusky says:

    My email is thea893@hotmail.com

  3. stuffjoshlikes says:

    Great site for Ultimate Discs: http://discace.com/
    Great site for finding teams to join: http://upa.org/
    Great site for Rules, History, Terms etc.: http://ultimatefrisbeeinfo.com/

    Summer is only a few months away!

  4. Viktor says:

    When a ball dream, it dreams it is a frisbee 😉
    Love ultimate ❤

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