Squidoo Gives Sports Enthusiasts a Voice

The Chin Music is a sports blog dedicated to facilitating discussion about sports. The blog aims to target sports enthusiasts who want their voices heard.

 Squidoo is a great platform for flaunting your expertise, and it’s one that more and more passionate sports fans are using to showcase their interests. Not every blog has the staff to be as thorough, as say Deadspin [sucks Leitch is leaving], but hopefully the Chin Music will pull together resources that will provide fans with consistently interesting content.

Squidoo Lenses will be one of the resources we rely on because we don’t like the sound of our voice, we want to hear yours, and Squidoo Lensmasters aren’t scared to share. In fact, do you want to write a blog post for this blog? We’d be happy to let you have free reign provided the intention is to spark discussion related to unique sports-related content.

Maybe you’re square in the middle of Fantasy Baseball and you have a lame team name, and you’re looking for an upgrade. If your team name is Matt’s Mashers or Bill’s Baseball Squad then please check out this lens, Ideas for a Good Fantasy Sports Team Name, and see if you can’t come up with something significantly better.

If you just got a new haircut and you’re looking to score some ladies at the gym then maybe you should check out 10 Steps to Skyrocket Your Testosterone.

Oh, you’re tired of sports where you need to be bulky and jacked? Well I don’t know if you want to consider it a sport, but here’s everything you will ever need to know about Ultimate Frisbee. I won’t lie, the few times I have played I have enjoyed it (though not near as much as traditional sports); however, 9 times out of 10 the people I see playing it are dorks on the library lawn of their college campus. I can’t associate with those guys, I just a got a new f’n haircut.

Want to be heard? Have something interesting to contribute? Want to guest blog? Have a Squidoo lens or other link you’d like featured? Leave a comment and we’ll work something out. Or maybe you’re just bitter because you don’t stick a needle in your ass or grunt in the gym. It’s even possible that you have a legitimate case why ultimate frisbee is a real sport. If that’s the case, again, please leave a comment. We’re new, we need feedback to stroke our ego.




2 Responses to Squidoo Gives Sports Enthusiasts a Voice

  1. Luke Hancock says:

    Not to be rude, but I think this blog falsely portrays what ultimate frisbee is. It is an actual sport with running jumping scoring and overall skill, not just geeks throwing a frisbee around.

  2. ryanstephens says:

    @ Luke – You’re not being rude at all. Ultimate Frisbee is something you’re passionate about, and by all means you should defend it. Actually for me your lens shedded a lot of light on the sport/game. I suspect that if others take the time to take a peak they’ll also be surprised how much they can learn.

    The thing is my post probably conveys the mindset of a LOT of athletes that only care about sports featured frequently on ESPN.com, and quite possibly only the football, basketball and baseball. I mean, who really watches soccer, golf, nascar, and hockey right? Kidding aside, I’d welcome a guest post if you’re interested in which you can go into further depth with respect to ultimate frisbee. Let me know!

    Best Wishes.


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